Client Testimonials

TESTIMONIAL 1 . "Adriana is a genuinely extraordinary therapist. She is empathetic, kind, compassionate, hugely intelligent and clearly very knowledgeable. She helped me understand the influences at play in my life and enabled me to find a way of using this knowledge to lead a more fulfilled life. I warmly commend her.” R. S.

TESTIMONIAL 2 . "I didn't really "believe" in therapy until I met Adriana. Her technique although sometimes emotionally draining really helped me see my lacks, my patterns and understand the why?'s. Why am I feeling like this? Why do I react this way? Once you understand the why Adriana helped tackle the root of the issue. Helped me become more aware and more self loving. It was a great experience." M.L.

TESTIMONIAL 3 . "When I first entered therapy with a previous therapist just over a year ago, I was looking for a quick fix. I didn't want to delve into the past. I wanted ten sessions to cure me of a particular issue. I soon realised I may require a few more than ten sessions but after a disastrous experience with this therapist I was fairly lost and broken by the time I found Adriana.

When we first spoke over the phone I was extremely vulnerable and sad. She sounded strong and capable and I needed that. In those early months she witnessed my pain and gently and kindly helped piece me back together.

Over the months Adriana has helped me identify and begin to understand patterns of behaviour and it is only with this understanding that I can start to make changes and be more conscious and aware of the decisions I make in my life. Psychotherapy is a process and psychotherapeutic action requires courage and bravery. It may not be a quick fix (at least in my case). Adriana is my fellow traveller. She is not simply an onlooker but a partner in our therapeutic alliance. She experiences my emotions alongside me and it is within this empathic arena where the real healing can occur.

Adriana radiates warmth and humanness. Within our sessions she has gracefully tolerated all of my emotions. She has witnessed all of my darkness and has never turned away. It is extremely reparative to be really seen and really understood by someone who sees all your weakness, does not judge you and who still remains by your side.

I am eternally grateful that our paths have crossed. I honestly believe that my work with Adriana has been and will continue to be a life changing experience for me. My aim is for freedom. Freedom to be able to live every aspect of my life to its full potential. To not look back on life and wish that I'd had the courage to do something, to not look back and wish I had done something differently but instead to move out of my comfort zone, to take risks and to soar." S.C.

TESTIMONIAL 4. "Adriana has helped me identify, understand and tackle my problems more than any other professional I’ve seen in the past, especially during a very stressful period of my life.

Through therapy I learned to accept rather than judge my feelings, to figure out where they have come from and what they are trying to tell me.

The sessions with her gave me useful tools to handle daily challenges both in professional and personal life. I feel happy like never before and I can handle myself and others much better with all the learning from our sessions." R.P.

TESTIMONIAL 5.  "Great to had the chance to connect with Ms.Adriana. The impact of the sessions are truely corrective and transformative. Had no belief it will work, and I thank the day I agreed to my spouse that I shall visit Adriana. Being professionally successful is just one part. The degree of unknowns I had inside of me, understanding the root causes, the trusted commitment we had - surely helped me to be a better person emotionally. Words are not sufficient to explain. So a BIG THANK YOU dear Adriana." N.F.