Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Founder and Clinical Director

Adriana is a BPS Chartered and HCPC Registered Consultant Clinical Psychologist with extensive training across multiple psychological and psychotherapeutic models, having vast experience working around the world with people from all walks of life, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic populations across the lifespan presenting mild, moderate and enduring mental health concerns, as well as with couples and families in various settings such as hospitals, day centres and private practice. Amongst her past experiences, Adriana has worked as an international consultant clinical psychologist and Director of a leading private psychology practice in Singapore.

Her approach is integrative: She customises her treatment according to the unique requirements of her clients drawing from a number of distinct theoretical approaches blended to suit their specific needs with a strong emphasis on the quality of the therapeutic relationship. Adriana’s approach embraces psychodynamic, analytic, CBT and ‘3rd wave CBT’ – including Schema Therapy and Mindfulness Based Therapy – attachment based, transpersonal, relational, EMDR and trauma theories. She holds a spiritual vision of life and integrates Western psychology with Eastern philosophies, providing a unique, holistic and powerful approach in practice to facilitate wellbeing and true happiness in people’s lives.

Being a researcher with a specific focus on the field of femininity and women’s challenges as well as the impact of fashion models’ and celebrities’ media images on women’s and young girl’s identities and sense of self, her main area of specialty is related to low self-esteem, identity, body image and body dysmorphic disorder, alexithymia, eating and feeding issues, gender role behaviour, race, relationships dynamics and parenting.

Adriana is also highly experienced with the treatment of depression, anxiety, obsessions, compulsions, personality disorders, trauma and complex trauma, loss, grief and challenging life transitions. Moreover, she loves helping people strive for excellence, exploring their existential questions, facilitating the access to their authentic desire and self to achieve happiness and fulfilment in life.