• Exercise
  • Introduction
  • Descartes’ error: From “I think therefore I am” to “I feel therefore I am”
  • The disembodied self: The aetiology of the body-mind schism
  • The body-brain connections
  • Losing your body, losing yourself
  • Attachment and attunement
  • Developmental trauma: the hidden epidemic 
  • The cost of neglect and abuse
  • Healing to own yourself: things to do to befriend the emotional brain
  • Self-leadership
  • Self awareness (or the discovery of Self)
  • Conclusions
  • Resources & healing pathways
  • Q&A
DATEThursday 20th Jan 2022, 7:00pm
DURATION1 Hour workshop
FORMAT: Online Seminar
PRICE: S$35.00 (early bird) / S$45.00


Misattunements to the internal, subjective experience of a child and the lack/scarcity of meaningful interaction with relevant caregivers during the developmental age, produce adverse effects on gene expression and a general inability to be aware of one’s internal world and subjective life. Symptoms show up in the body and the body keeps the score. In this short course we will endeavour to understand more about body-mind disconnection and to learn practices to progressively befriend the body as a way to discover one’s authentic self and to unleash one’s inner power and fullest potential.


Adriana Giotta, Ph.D., is an Italian national in-depth executive coach and a Clinical Psychologist registered with HCPC (Health Care Profession Council) and SRP (Singapore Register of Psychologists) based in Singapore and London.

Dr. Adriana completed her Ph.D in Psychoanalytic Studies in the arena of gender and gender role behaviour, power dynamics and the self. Her approach is holistic and she works on all levels of existence, including the body, the breath, the intellect, the mind, memory, emotions and structure of the self.

Dr Adriana specialises in the arena of peak performance, corporate work, work-life balance, the individuation process, gender role behaviour, body image discontent, eating and feeding challenges, identity and sense of self.

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