Clinical Psychologist

MSc (Clin Psych), BSc (Psych), Registered Clinical Psychologist

Languages spoken: English and Mandarin

Fee: S$220 per session. ONLINE SESSIONS ONLY

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Joy is a registered clinical psychologist under the Singapore Psychology Society. She obtained her first degree in Psychology from National University Singapore and went on to pursue a Masters of Clinical Psychology at James Cook University (Singapore) after several years of working experience in social services. Since graduation, she has worked in the public healthcare setting as a clinical psychologist, seeing clients across the ages.

Joy is experienced in assessing and treating depression, anxiety (including GAD, OCD, panic attack), insomnia, stress and trauma related issues (both acute and chronic), psychosomatic issues (e.g., chronic pain, IBS, and other mind-body issues), and adjustment issues across the life span. She also has experience in working with couples and families.

Joy’s approach is integrative. As a science student who always appreciates art, she blends the art of therapeutic process with the science of psychology, and customizes her treatment according to both theoretical analysis and direct sensing of each client’s unique needs in the session. Being an explorative and experiential person, her therapeutic approach mainly follows the 3rd wave CBT, including Mindfulness/Acceptance-based therapy, Compassion-focused Therapy, and Schema Therapy, and also integrates other schools of therapy, with the aim of facilitating the client to achieve personal growth at both conceptual and experiential level.

Originating from a very beautiful city in China, Joy has the vision of integrating Western Psychology with Eastern philosophies, so people can benefit from both the science of Western Psychology and the art of Eastern philosophies.