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NOV 2020


Date: TBC November 2020 (2-3 days)

Presenter: Dr Joseph Ciarrochi

ACT is a cutting edge action-oriented approach to psychotherapy that stems from traditional behaviour therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. This workshop gives an introduction to and overview of the ACT Model. Throughout the workshop experiential learning will be woven around theoretical foundations, giving the participant an immersive experience.

We are excited to invite Dr Joseph Ciarrochi to Singapore to present ACT. He is an acclaimed author and outstanding presenter who makes his workshops practical and a lot of fun.

FEB 2021


Date: TBC Feb 2021

Presenter: Scott Kellogg

Transformational Chairwork is centered on the belief that there is a healing and transformative power in: (1) Giving voice to one’s inner parts, modes, and selves; and (2) Enacting or re-enacting scenes from the Past, the Present, or the Future

The Transformational Chairwork Training is designed to introduce therapists to the practice of Chairwork, in an active, creative, and clinically-useful manner using clinical story-telling, role-plays, and live demonstrations.

We are honoured and excited to host Scott Kellogg for this not-to-be-missed opportunity.

TBC 2021


Date: TBC 2020 (2 days)

Presenter: Dr Philip Mansfield

This workshop introduces the flash technique, a new technique used during the preparation phase of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy to facilitate processing of intense, traumatic memories that clients might otherwise be resistant to access. Evidence through research currently being reviewed by the APA Journal suggests that this technique may make it possible for clients to access these memories initially in a minimally disturbing way, reducing their emotional intensity so that they can then be more easily and fully processed using EMDR therapy.

Dr Philip Mansfield is an internationally respected and leading researcher and trainer in EMDR with over 40 years of clinical experience. We are honoured to invite Philip to Singapore and look forward to his teachings of this revolutionary technique.

APR 2021


Date: 11/12 April 2021 (2 day)

Presenter: Susan Simpson

This workshop will provide therapists with multiple opportunities to learn complex techniques when working with this difficult to treat population. Anyone interested in knowing how to implement schema therapy using mode work, would benefit from this workshop. This advanced therapy workshop aims will train participants in powerful techniques for working with entrenched early maladaptive schemas (including core beliefs) with individuals with eating disorders.

TBC 2021


Date: TBC (1 day)

Presenter: Susan Simpson

How do our own schemas effect our work and the way we manage our stress levels? What actions can we as clinicians take to manage burnout, fatigue and improve work satisfaction? This workshop will be centred around the recent evidence base in this area (including a large international study we conducted on this topic) and will give participants the opportunity to learn about the latest research findings on the schemas and modes which predict burnout and resilience amongst mental health professionals.  

Cancellation Policy on all CPD courses:

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