General Public


Adult therapy helps to find and resolve negative patterns in relationships, how they developed in the past and the unconscious aspects behind them. Through this process, new ways of relating can be developed in your relationships socially and at work. The duration and frequency of your therapy depends on what you and your therapist consider for your own particular set of circumstances but typically sessions are planned weekly.

Children and Adolescents

For children who are having problems at home or school, a preliminary meeting is arranged with the parents, possibly without the child attending in the first instance, to explore the parent's concerns and to decide how to address them. This might lead to seeing the child on their own or with the family. Adolescents are seen on their own, albeit sometimes the parents also need support. The frequency of treatment depends on the severity of the  problem and how easily symptoms can be addressed.


Couples who have difficulties in communication and may be caught in vicious circles of blame or misunderstanding can turn to therapy for help. Our team are trained in Gottman Method Couple Therapy and Schema Therapy for Couples, two strong evidence based methodologies which support clients in resolving conflict, misunderstandings and challenges.  The therapist will support will not force an outcome but will propose or provide additional support through any process or outcome with an open and empathetic mind.


Family therapy is available for those who are stuck in negative patterns and in need of discussing difficult emotions in a clearer and more constructive way, often when one member of the family has been diagnosed with a significant psychological condition. Family dynamics can make communication difficult so using an experienced practitioner to manage the environment can be immensely fruitful.

"Chemistry" session

Every relationship is unique and it is no different for clients with their therapists. Some relationships fail to kindle and it is vital for you feel comfortable with your therapeutic relationship in order to gain benefit. Therefore Elephant offers a complementary 15 minute "chemistry" session for you to ascertain whether you wish to proceed and whether the therapist feels able to support you.


In today's world, face to face therapy may be hard to achieve. With modern technology, we can provide a secure on-line platform over which you can continue to see your therapist.

Art and Sand Therapy

Sandtray Therapy is an expressive and projective therapy involving play, which is the language of childhood.  It is flexible and adaptive, and therefore is suitable for people of all ages from 4 to adults. It integrates a wide variety of therapeutic approaches.

Workshops and Groups

Elephant periodically provides workshops, seminars, mindfulness & meditation programmes and group talks to the general public. Please get in tocuh for more details.

Professionals and Corporates

Professional Training / CPD

Since 2015, Elephant has built up a reputation as the pioneering and leading training centre for counsellors, psychologists and therapists in Singapore and the surrounding region. We host internationally acclaimed trainers from around the world to upskill the community in the region, who then go on to better support their clients. Having trained more than 500 practitioners since 2015, many thousands of their clients have now benefitted.

Clinical Supervision

Whilst clinical supervision for practitioners is not mandatory in Singapore, Elephant sees it as best practice and imperative that clinicians should always seek a supervisor to support them to ensure they are providing their clients with a service which is of high quality, in a safe manner, allowing the clinician to self-reflect and become self-aware. The founder, with her high level of experience and qualifications, is in a strong position to provide such services to clinicians. 

Peak Performance / C-Suite Coaching

Our founder, Adriana Giotta, who has a corporate background herself, supports many C-suite executives not only with their own personal challenges but also by providing guidance and advice to help their businesses and, importantly, their staff thrive.

Workshops - Corporate

Adriana and the team provide bespoke workshops and courses for corporate clients, tapping into her previous experience of working within industry and commence, developing occupational therapeutic methodologies to maximise the performance, welfare and outcomes for the participants.