Sing Wuing TAN  

Clinical Psychologist

MSc (Clin. Psych.), BSc (Psychology), Member of Singapore Psychological Society and Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology

Fee: S$220 per session

Languages spoken: Mandarin, English, Malay fluently. She can understand Cantonese and some Teochew and Hokkien

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Sing Wuing is a clinical psychologist, a member and registered psychologist under Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) and member of Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP). She attained a Bachelor Degree of Social Science in Psychology with Honors and her Master in Clinical Psychology from the National University of Malaysia.

Life is a journey presented with enriching elements, spectrums and different intensities of challenges that test personal values and our belief in humanity. Sing Wuing had spent the past few years helping many people in both Malaysia and Singapore to live a life with better clarity and values, especially those with mood issues. She has worked in multi-racial countries and met the needs of clients that come from different age ranges and cultural backgrounds. She had been involved in public mental health awareness events, participating in conference presentations and innovative programs, driven by different collaborative partners in the hospital and primary care setting. Within her past working experiences in healthcare institutions, Sing Wuing has been working with different group of patients who come with various combinations of physical illness or chronic illness and mental health issues.

She adopts and applies an integrative approach, especially from 3rd wave CBT framework, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness-based therapy framework, Solution-focused Therapy (SFT), Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) and Interpersonal Psychotherapy in driving the application of the effective therapeutic approaches for her clients. Moving on, Sing Wuing is also highly interested in exploring the gems of Eastern philosophy, to integrate the wisdom between Western and Eastern values, to build a robust and holistic framework that encourages further impactful and continuous upward growth that will bring better psychological resiliency and competitiveness within the clients to actualize valuable goals in their lives.

In this fast-paced modern era, Sing Wuing believes that it is vital to leverage our investment of time and effort when both client and psychologist are ready to take deeper look into mobilizing the internal resources for better quality of life. When it is presenting in the right context of the psychotherapy application, it promotes the co-creation of the meaningful change that further generating excellence in lives. Sing Wuing believes that everyone deserves to live a healthy and worthy life, even there will be always challenges that will cripple us. Most importantly, we need the suitable guidance along this journey to shape a better self to bloom and wiser as we grow.

Sing Wuing is interested in helping clients to recognize and understand the existing life struggles, then assist in customizing a practical plan that aligns with clients’ goals, guiding the clients in building better self-efficacy and self-value that promotes better mind-body balance. She works with clients to cultivate positive interpersonal relationships in the workplace, family/couple life, helping them to manage the unhelpful emotions or beliefs that stem from previous unpleasant life experiences. She is keen to also work with people with identity confusion at different phases of adulthood life, such as postnatal depression, mid-life adjustment, retirement life adjustment and/or young adulthood adjustment in their intimate or career life. She has always felt honored and grateful for the trust from her clients in craving the fruitful journey together towards the co-creation of transformative and meaningful life building through the sessions delivered.

Sing Wuing can speak in Mandarin, English, Malay fluently. She can understand Cantonese and some Teochew and Hokkien too.

Areas of interest:  Interpersonal relationship building, Workplace stress, Existential issue, Mood issues (Depression, Anxiety), Insomnia, Family or Couple issues