BSc (Hons), Integrative Nutrition Health coach, certified Yoga instructor

Stacey is passionate about clean, healthy living with the ultimate aim towards optimal wellness for the body and mind. For most of her life she struggled with cycles of tiredness and lack of energy, which consequently affected her moods. Experiencing the stresses of motherhood, major international relocations combined with the guilt of leaving family & friends behind left her “running on empty” and suffering from chronic conditions to which traditional doctors could give no real answers. She suffered weight gain, exhaustion, mood swings, brain fog, interrupted sleep, joint pain, loss of focus, loss of motivation, digestive issues and then later menopausal symptoms started.

Despite diet and nutrition leading to some improvements, a few things would not budge and in search of answers, she then trained as an Integrative Health and Wellness coach and specialized in hormonal health. She supplemented these skills to a deeper level with yoga which helped settle the body and mind and completed an intensive 200 hour Yoga teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, the birth place of yoga, as well as continued therapeutic restorative training, “Stillness through Movement’ in Australia.

Her own healing journey and trainings in wellness and yoga led Stacey to want to bring her passion to others who are going through similar experiences. She wants to help people who are frustrated with their own health and getting no useful diagnoses from their doctors to find more balance, ease and joy in their life.

See our calendar for more details of Stacey's innovative and popular Nourish and Nurture Hormone balance workshop for women. Deep Rest workshops for men and women are coming soon.