Supplementing professional training, effective supervision practices are a vital facilitator for clinicians and the overall development of our field and its practice. Group supervision provides an efficient means of achieving these important goals.

Whilst the profession is unregulated in Singapore and hence there is no requirement for active supervision, we believe that by offering such services where clinicians can invest in themselves, we can introduce the standards of a regulated environment to Singapore as it matures its mental healthcare offering, by encouraging clinicians to gain feedback and perspectives, thereby ultimately providing a better service to their clients.

On a rotational basis attendees will have the chance to present a case of their own.

Prior to joining, all participants sign up to the fundamental principles of confidentiality, thereby ensuring that client privacy is respected.

In order to allow the communication dynamic to build in the most effective manner, we respectfullyask members of the group to have the intention of being committed to regular attendance over a long period of time.


Weekly:       Every second Thursday 6:00pm (SG time)

Duration:     50 minutes

Fee:            S$70.00 for each session

Location:    ONLINE (secure video call)


Dr Adriana Giotta is a RAPPS Registered Clinical Supervisor and Clinical Psychologist with 30 years of passionate experience in the field. She has a unique perspective and the ability to quickly see patterns and behaviours. Her approach is pioneering and explorative.

Adriana is delighted to offer support to clinicians across her network (both within Elephant and beyond), tapping into her wealth of experience as a clinician and trained supervisor.

"supervision is a supportive space to learn, reflect, ensure self care and optimISE ethical practice"

Dr. Adriana Giotta