Social Worker and Supervised Counsellor, BA Hons (Social Work)

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With a 15-year career to date in Social Work, Yolande is highly experienced and well equipped to assist and support older teenagers, adult and older adult clients. She holds a BA in Social Work with honours obtained from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.

She has worked in various teams including child protection, children with disabilities, foster care and adoption and children in care serving a diverse client group in a variety of settings both as a social worker and manager. Yolande has also had extensive involvement in staff professional development working closely with students and newly qualified workers providing clinical supervision and bespoke developmental support.

In line with Elephant's values and strong commitment to continued professional development, Yolande is currently undertaking further professional training, a Master of Counselling degree with Monash University. She is delighted to serve clients through Elephant, supervised by the founder, Adriana Giotta, and the rest of senior clinical psychologists therein, who, along with her Australia based supervisors at Monash University, support her to ensure all clients receive the optimum and most effective and ethical care, keeping consistent with Elephant’s values of providing a first class service.

Yolande grew up in South Africa and lived in the UK for 15 years prior to moving to Singapore. She is passionate about working with diverse client groups in a helping profession and bringing together the skills learnt from her social work experience, together with her continued development in counselling skills to provide quality care and service to clients in therapy.